Kathleen and Paul Daigle fell hard for the house the moment they saw it.  

As a television producer creating home design shows, Kathleen knew the beautiful, old red brick Victorian had been meticulously renovated with care and attention to detail, and they could just move in.

Originally from Vancouver BC, Paul was a Kitsalano beach boy and fell in love with the fact that 86 Trowbridge was only a couple of blocks up from the water. But neither of them had heard of Meaford, Ontario.

In 2013 they took a chance on this tiny little town on the shores of southern Georgian Bay and have never looked back. Over the years they have spent their time exploring every nook and cranny of the area, and discover something new with each outing.

Our dream is to turn the world on to what southern Georgian Bay has to offer-enjoying experience after experience just like we have


With one hundred and thirty years under its bricks, the house at 86 Trowbridge is rich with history and local stories. Known to the townsfolk as Dr. Eberhart’s house, it was in that family for over 30 years, and the beloved doctor ran his practice out of (what is now) the dining room for much of that time.

It’s not uncommon for a passerby to stop and admire it, or share a memory with us on their experience with the house.

From the neighbor who once owned the house and raised a family here, to someone down the road who remembers how the front porch was used as the physician’s waiting room; Dr. Eberhart’s house is a local landmark and woven deeply into the fabric of this small-town life.